Wooden Beard and Comb Set for Men – Perfect for Beards Head Hair and Mustaches Men’s Grooming Kit for Styling, Applying…

Wooden Beard and Comb Set for Men - Perfect for Beards Head Hair and Mustaches Men's Grooming Kit for Styling, Applying…

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The MEDca beard brush and comb set is tough enough to smoothen all those stubborn mats and knots. This growth and styling kit for men is carefully crafted from the finest harvest of beechwood to ensure it last a lifetime.

Built and designed to comb through the coarsest tangles of your beard and head hair
With you can be assured that this brush won’t lose or snap its bristles. Designed to stay as strong and as stunning as it is the first time you unboxed it. Our wood comb and brush set is made with natural board bristle brush to encourage better hair growth. Glued perfectly to avoid fallouts, get the best quality of boar hair to spread your favorite oil or balm.

Perfect for deep-seated nourishment right on your hair follicles.

This MEDca double sided wood comb and brush is suited for all your facial hair, beard and mustache
Ergonomically crafted for dual purposes, the bristles are crafted with round tips to avoid micro-lesions in your epidermis and scalp.

This way, you can keep your skin healthy and your hair flowing.

This manly kit for men is the perfect gift set for any gentleman who loves to have his suave on any time of day.

A beard is a gift you give your face and you deserve only the best!

The best kit to take with you on travels, for quick grooming sessions or for any day.

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BEARD BRUSH & COMB SET DESIGNED FOR THE TOUGHEST MEN: The MEDca ultimate wood comb and brush set made from the finest beech wood to ensure sturdy built and highest quality. Treated and polished to stay suave, shiny and stunning- you could never go wrong with this beard brush and comb set. Built and designed to be tough enough to withstand tugs, pulls and straighten out knots and mats- you never have to worry about this brush set snapping in half and losing its bristles
BOAR BRISTLES THAT ENCOURAGE HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH: Natural boar bristle brush made from authentic boar hair ensures that your beard hair grows as stunning as it should. Expertly crafted to last for a long time of continued use, you never have to worry about bristles falling off. Designed to avoid friction and static, you are secured that your this beard brush and comb set encourages healthy hair growth
MADE WITH DURABLE BEECHWOOD: While other brands might compensate their poor product quality through giving you a carry bag that deteriorates as fast as the actual product, we put all our effort giving you something that will be able to stay with you for a long time. Take it with you on your travels, comb your head hair or beard with it every single day – you’ll still enjoy the same sturdy and durable quality like the first time you’ve unboxed it
PERFECT FOR APPLYING OILS AND BALMS: Double sided wood comb and brush set are perfect for both facial hair and mustache. Ergonomically crafted with one side made of fine bristles and the other side made with evenly-spaced teeth, you could never go wrong with this growth and styling set. Coarse and dry hair? Worry less. This beard brush and comb set is perfect for applying oils and balms for deeper scalp nourishment. Healthy hair from follicles to tips
A BEARD GROOMING SET UNLIKE ANY OTHER: Loved even by hairstylist and avid beard growers world wide. Finely handcrafted to ensure functionality and purpose, this ergonomically correct beard brush and comb set for men is the best gift set you could ever give anyone you love. Made from the toughest craftsmen, you’re sure that this set will last as long as you want it to. Don’t love it? No need to worry because every order is backed by our money back guarantee

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