Nothing beats a good Rocky Mountain Beard Brush to tame those beard whiskers
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Beard Brushes, the bearded mans answer to keeping the beard under control! Free Delivery is available to Amazon Prime members, subject to qualifying products, terms and conditions apply.

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  • Anself Men’s Beard Brush Double-Sided Facial Hair Brush Shaving Comb Male Mustache Brush Solid Wood Handle

    £5.99£7.99 Select options
  • Beard Brush for Men, Pure Boar Bristles Pocket Beard Brush, Handle Made in Solid Wood with Firm Bristles to Tame and…

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  • Beard Brush | Premium Quality Boar Bristle | The Best Tool for Beard Grooming | Curved Bristles Help to Easily Shape…

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  • Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set for Men – Natural Boar Bristle Brush and Dual Action Pear Wood Comb w/Velvet Travel Pouch…

    £9.88 Add to basket
  • BEARDED BEN Beard Brush with Boar Bristles in Storage Box/Gift Box, Including Beard comb, Teak Brown, Diameter: 6.3 cm

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  • BFWood Beard Brush Boar Bristles Small Round Shape – Black Wood Walnut

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  • BFWood Boar Bristle Beard Brush – Black Wood Walnut Military Style

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  • BFWood Pocket Beard Brush & Comb for Beard and Mustache – Facial Hair Grooming Tool for Men

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  • BFWood Pocket Beard Brush – Medium Firmness Natural Boar Bristle Mustache & Travel friendly

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  • BFWood Travel Boar Bristle Beard Brush for Beard and Mustache – Beech Handle

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  • Kobe Professional Wooden Beard & Fade Brush – 100% Boar Bristles in Dark Wood Body – Perfect Fades & Beard Styles

    £7.99 Add to basket
  • kuou Boar Bristle Beard Brush, Real Boar Bristles and Solid Wood Handles Match with a Solid Wood Comb for Combing Beard…

    £8.69 Add to basket
  • MISSION BEARD GROOMING CO. 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush & Comb Kit – Exfoliates Skin, Tames The Wildest Beards…

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  • NATURAL BOAR BRISTLE BEARD BRUSH – 100% Boar Bristle with Solid Wooden Handle for facial hair grooming – Easily…

    £6.95 Add to basket
  • Percy Nobleman Vegan Beard Brush, Men’s Brush, Pack of One

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  • Premium Boar Bristle Beard Brush & Comb Kit – Eradicate Beard Itch, Soften Hair & Promote Stronger Growth

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