uLab Ultimate Gorilla Beard Growth Kit with Derma Roller, Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Foldable Styling Comb – Gift Set for…

uLab Ultimate Gorilla Beard Growth Kit with Derma Roller, Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Foldable Styling Comb - Gift Set for…

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The Ultimate Gorilla Beard Growth Kit for Men by uLab

The Ultimate Gorilla Beard Growth Kit with Derma Roller is the best mens gift set for beard growth, beard grooming, facial skin health and strong beard hair. The set contains a titanium derma roller needle device which encourages growth on the skin, a beard oil and beard balm for healthy beard and moustache hair and even a foldable beard comb.

Set Includes:

  1. Microneedle 0.25mm Titanium Beard Derma Roller
  2. 100% Natural Beard Oil
  3. 100% Natural Beard Balm
  4. Foldable Micro Beard Styling Comb
  5. Black Hessian Drawstring Bag

Instructions for Use:

For ultimate beard stimulation and growth, ceaselessly roll the beard roller along the skin of the face applying gentle pressure, to increase blood growth and catalyse beard growth. Be sure you thoroughly wash your face before the usage of, and sterilise the roller before and after use. Apply drops of beard oil for a fresh and healthy beard scent and use the styling wax and comb to create your ultimate beard and moustache style.

Please Note: The speed of beard growth may be different from person to person. Using the derma roller does not guarantee rapid beard growth, but acts to stimulate the healthy blood waft of the skin, and the provided kit keeps your beard fresh and groomed along the way.

We in point of fact hope you enjoy the product ♥


Legal Disclaimer

We aren’t legally responsible for any mistaken use of the product, for example for use as anything other than a facial beard growth set.

✔ THE ULTIMATE GORILLA BEARD SET TO COMBAT PATCHY HAIR. The derma roller with micro needles encourages blood circulation around the facial skin which leads to thicker hair growth. The Titanium derma roller has been built with longevity and robustness in mind, to last you for many healthy beards to come!
✔ GREAT FRESH SMELLING BEARD OIL. The beard oil gives the hair on your face a fresh and great smell and encourages healthy oils to improve the facial hair growth.
✔ AWESOME MOUSTACHE BEARD BALM. The sweet smelling male beard balm means that you can style your beard and moustache into strong masculine facial hair shapes.
✔ HANDY FOLDABLE BEARD COMB. The set comes with our foldable beard styling comb, to style the hair in your wanted direction, and comb to encourage hair health and strength.
✔ PERFECT MENS GIFT SET. The beard growth kit makes for a perfect gift for him, be it a birthday, christmas or special treat for a loved one. If he wants to grow a strong beard, this set is for him.

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