MANSCAPED™ Crop Mop™ World’s First On-The-Go Individually Wrapped Ball Wipes, Anti-Chafing Male Hygiene Body Wipes…

MANSCAPED™ Crop Mop™ World's First On-The-Go Individually Wrapped Ball Wipes, Anti-Chafing Male Hygiene Body Wipes… Price: £13.00 (as of 27/01/2023 18:59 PST- Details)

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WHAT IS THE CROP MOP: These wallet-sized ball wipes are just what you wish to have to keep your balls fresh and able for action, anywhere, any time. Made of a sturdy, multi-layer woven fabric, The Crop Mop wipes feature a proprietary blend of ingredients to actively balance pH levels and reduce irritation from chafing. Perfect for when you’ll be able to’t get in the shower, or just when you wish to have that extra-clean feeling.
HOW TO USE: Designed for the man on-the-go, The Crop Mop wipes are easy to carry and use. Keep in your pocket, wallet, gym bag, or desk for simple ball-wiping action. Just tear the end of the package open, remove the wipe, unfold, then wipe on and around your balls. Perfect for keeping clean in between showers. For fresh balls, wipe away twice a day. Personally packaged for convenience.
WHY WE CREATED THE CROP MOP: MANSCAPED knows you’ll be able to’t all the time get to a shower when you wish to have one, which is why we created The Crop Mop wipes. These wipes eliminate bacteria that can cause malodor and skin irritation. Not only that, but they also reduce chafing and inflammation to keep your boys cool, clean, and healthy. The Crop Mop wipes are the most important a part of MANSCAPED’s popular grooming product line.
FORMULATED TO PERFORM: Keep your boys clean with these sturdy woven wipes doused in a proprietary blend of cleaning and soothing ingredients. Reduce irritation and inflammation caused by crotch bacteria by wiping your balls when needed. The Crop Mop wipes don’t just clean: they also beef up odor, for a confidence boost you’ll be able to’t deny.

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