Mobsters Folding Comb for Men – Pocket-Sized Hair, Beard, and Mustache Comb – Fine Teeth – Beard Care and Beer Bottle Opener Male Grooming Gift Box

Mobsters Folding Comb for Men – Pocket-Sized Hair, Beard, and Mustache Comb – Fine Teeth – Beard Care and Beer Bottle Opener Male Grooming Gift Box Price: £17.99 (as of 08/07/2024 16:07 PST- Details)

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Facial hair care is an enthusiastic affair that needs devotion. Growing and taming your beard could be a tiresome process but our flick comb solves all your problems. We make it easy for you to look neat no matter how busy you are. If you wish to have your beard to command attention, then believe our comb to work its magic. We consider that the results will provide an explanation for why this is the go-to beard comb.

Excellent Gift for Men

Is a birthday, holiday, or Fathers’ Day coming up and you don’t have any idea what gift to get! Worry no more. This flick comb for men is a subtle way of expressing love or concern to any bearded man in your life. It works as a bottle opener for an immaculate man to enjoy a beer cozily. Our combs give men an excellent experience that is hard to look back from.

Wallet-Sized Grooming Comb

Long gone are the days when your moustache would look frizzy at work or outdoors. We design the folding comb to fit in your pocket so you’ll straighten your hair whenever and wherever. The compact frame makes the comb last longer than other brands even during travel.

Grooming Made Easier

Barbers advice daily hair brushing and straightening to reduce flaking, snagging, and coarse hair. It might be quite difficult to follow your grooming routine daily but with our flick comb, we guarantee your time will be saved. The teeth evenly apply balm on your moustache and style your hair without tangling.

Professionally Made

Every king deserves a top-quality hair comb that will have them looking glorious. Regardless of how hairy you are, we promise you’re going to adore and value this flick comb. Customer satisfaction is our key priority so believe our product to put you under the limelight. Please get in touch if you experience any issues and we can respond with a solution.

A FLICK COMB FOR WHEN THINGS GET HAIRY – You don’t go anywhere without your hair or beard, do you? For those of you who need a quick fix in the heat-of-the-moment, our premium pocket-sized folding comb can be whipped out anytime to instantly get a handle of things. Mobsters combs are for men lookin’ for deadly efficiency. They open and close smoothly without needin’ repair or tightening after constant use.
YOUR FINGERS AREN’T A COMB – Sure, prospect, you’ll run your fingers through your hair and beard, but it ain’t gonna make it look better. Our folding combs are made by certified, skilled craftsmen who’ve put in their time with the “business.” They’ve spent years inside perfectin’ this folding comb to make it compact, lightweight, durable and static-free.
YOUR BEARD HAIR IS NEEDY, SO DON’T NEGLECT IT – Every bloke with a face mane deserves a beard care accessory and routine that will leave their hair shiny, neat and smooth at any time. Our guys specifically designed this folding comb handle to be comfortable and easier-to-hold than a cushy job. The teeth have a fine finish that’ll straighten and style all tough, long and short hairs.
MUCH LIKE YOUR HAIR, THIS COMB IS A GIFT – You’re a smart guy, the more you maintain your Hair, the healthier and tidier it’ll become. This flick comb’s got a slick design and multi-action functionality so’s it makes a great present. Get it for your father, your brothers, your lover, your friends, the bearded lady, whoever you think needs a pick-me up. It’s also a great anniversary gift, Christmas gift, or maybe Kwanzaa or Hanukkah if that’s your persuasion. Lehyam
YOU CAN’T SPELL BEARD WITHOUT BEER… OR SOMETHIN’ LIKE THAT – Yeah that’s right, this comb’s got a sweet bottle opener built into the handle. So you’ll get out on the town lookin’ dapper and crackin’ heads and a beverage at the same time. We know you’ll use your teeth, but you’ve only got such a lot of left. Plus it’s pocket-sized so you’ll easily conceal it for later use.

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