Mobsters Emporium Beard Comb -, Pocket Sized Beard Combs for Men – Natural Wood Labour Comb with Sleek Case – Gift for Men – Dual Sized Mens Styling Comb Sandalwood

Mobsters Emporium Beard Comb -, Pocket Sized Beard Combs for Men – Natural Wood Labour Comb with Sleek Case – Gift for Men – Dual Sized Mens Styling Comb Sandalwood Price: £6.49 (as of 01/01/2024 11:23 PST- Details)

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A COMB THAT’LL TAKE YOUR BEARD AND MOUSTACHE FOR A RIDE When you don’t care for your beard and moustache, it isn’t just your problem, it’s a problem for anyone who’s lookin’ at your face. Your beard care is leavin’ a lot to be desired. The Mobsters Emporium beard and moustache comb for men will will let you clean up that whole situation you were given goin’ on. This high-quality, men’s wooden comb comes with coarse teeth to detangle and fine teeth to style and tidy up your facial hair.
GROOM LIKE YOU OWN THE JOINT Much like the maintain of a viking’s maraudin’ axe, our beard and moustache comb is carved usin’ solid, natural sandalwood. Its distinct scent will bring you to a place of peace… like that calm feelin’ ya get after you’ve dealt with your enemies. When usin’ the comb your facial hair will experience no static effects or snagging. It’ll treat your beard and moustache better than you treat your own mother. Not to intrude, but when used to be the last time you known as her?
THIS COMB IS POCKET SIZE FOR EASY STASHIN’ The men’s beard and moustache comb is go back and forth-sized so you’ve got no more excuses for showin’ up lookin’ like your facial hair got in a brawl with a pack of muskrats. The leather case is sleek and easily stores your comb at home, outdoors or when you’re puttin’ in work. The pouch prevents damage to the comb and keeps the wood fresher than a bar of soap in a bamboo can. Easily slip it in your top pocket, go back and forth bag or wallet.
ALL NATURAL WOOD, BABY… THE COMB WE’RE TALKIN’ ABOUT It’s my duty as an elder statesman to tell ya that plastics are damagin’ the environment, specifically your face environment. They’re not gentle on your skin whereas the Mobsters wooden beard-and-moustache-care accessory promotes healthy skin for hair growth. It’s built to last, very smooth and feels comfortable in your hands. (We know what you like to hold in your hand but that’s another story.)
MUCH LIKE YOUR BEARD OR MOUSTACHE, THIS COMB IS A GIFT You’re a smart guy, the more you deal with your beard and moustache, the healthier and tidier it’s going to transform. We know you were given someone in your life whose messy facial hair needs an intervention and the wooden comb and pouch will clean them up right quick. Get it for your father, lover, friends, the bearded lady, whoever you think needs a pick-me up. It’s also a great anniversary gift, or maybe Kwanzaa if that’s your persuasion. Lehyam.

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