MANSCAPED™ Nuts and Bolts 4.0, Men’s Grooming Kit, Includes The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 Ergonomically Designed Powerful…

MANSCAPED™ Nuts and Bolts 4.0, Men's Grooming Kit, Includes The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 Ergonomically Designed Powerful… Price: £100.00 (as of 06/02/2023 20:35 PST- Details)

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MANSCAPED NUTS & BOLTS 4.0: We were so tired of trying to find the right tools for the job that we engineered and formulated our own. If you don’t own this, you must, your significant other will love you without end. This essential grooming kit includes a specially designed electric trimmer, for hard-to-reach parts, an unbelievable, all-in-one, long-lasting ball deodorant and moisturizer as well as our famous Magic Mat, a unique shaving mat and great bathroom read.
THE LAWN MOWER 4.0: Welcome to the newest and latest in below-the-waist trimming. The Lawn Mower 4.0 from MANSCAPED is the only trimmer you wish to have to keep your manhood looking trim, neat, and clean. Soft ceramic blades featuring advanced SkinSafe Technology ensures confidence at the same time as trimming below-the-waist.
THE CROP PRESERVER: A uniquely formulated ball deodorant and moisturizer. You just trimmed, now strengthen and moisturize. Think of this as your suit of armor, anti-chafing lotion features ingredients that will help you stay; smooth, fresh, velvety and more confident all the way through the day. Whether you’re traveling, working, or playing sports, the Crop Preserver has your nuts covered.
MAGIC MAT: Our incognito disposable shaving mats serve for practical and entertainment purposes. Utilize its handy functionality at the same time as grooming, then neatly discard or as a light entertaining bathroom read for all things manly.
MISSION: MANSCAPED created its lineup of tools and products to deal with a man’s face, body, and important bits. Our products help you take care of by trimming, shaving, cleansing, and treating your skin with care. Our mission is to create superior products to elevate man’s grooming experience. We strive to engineer tools and formulations to empower all men to be the best versions of themselves. We take pride in crafting specific products to help men feel more confident, comfortable, and healthy

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