FOLE ECO DERMA/BEARD ROLLER, REPLACEABLE HEAD = 50% LESS PLASTIC WASTE – 0.5 mm titanium microneedle kit for women & men…

FOLE ECO DERMA/BEARD ROLLER, REPLACEABLE HEAD = 50% LESS PLASTIC WASTE - 0.5 mm titanium microneedle kit for women & men… Price: £9.99 (as of 19/09/2021 21:31 PST- Details)

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Regardless of what your goal is – be it general skin care, beard growth or whatever – you’ll be able to follow our 7-step process to make sure you get the best imaginable results in the shortest imaginable time.

Using our 0.5 mm needle roller we recommend you follow this process 3 times per week and replace the roller head every month / 6 weeks.

Step 1: Disinfect your roller
Give your roller a spray with a sterilisation / disinfectant spray, then rinse it with tap water.

Step 2: Wash your face
Water and soap is fine, but you’ll be able to also use a cleanser if you prefer / know that works better for your skin.

Step 3: Begin derma rolling
Splitting up your face into 4 sections makes the whole process easier – believe your face like a clock and work each quarter accordingly. Very important – do not roll close to your eyes (the skin there is super sensitive).

Start by working vertically. Roll your first quarter making sure all of the skin in the quarter gets 6 – 8 passes respectively. Then work horizontally doing the same thing – ensuring each bit of skin gets 6 – 8 passes respectively. Repeat the process for all 4 quarters.

Do not roll diagonally! Doing so creates an uneven pattern distribution with more stress on the center.

Step 4: Wash your face, again
After you’re done microneedling, rinse your face with water.

Step 5: Clean your roller
Give it a rinse with tap water to get any skin cells / crud out from between the needles.

Step 6: Disinfect your roller
Give it a spray with the same sterilisation / disinfectant spray you used in step 1.

Step 7: Continue your basic skin care routine
But avoid chemical exfoliates!

✔️ SUSTAINABILITY – REPLACEABLE HEAD REDUCES PLASTIC WASTE: With most of the other rollers on the market, you throw the whole thing away when you are doing the use of it. This is obviously super bad for the planet in the case of plastic consumption. That’s why we designed the Fole head locking system in an effort to simply throw the head away when you are done with it and keep the handle. Then, you just need to buy a new head and click it on, reducing the plastic waste by as much as 50%.
✔️ 0.5 mm NEEDLES – PERFECT FOR HOME COSMETIC MICRONEEDLING: You probably know this already, but derma rolling is amazing for reducing acne scarring, reducing visibility of wrinkles and helping to reverse skin damage from the sun. It also provides a means of getting therapeutic products through the skin barrier, where they may be able to work more efficiently. – perfect for pore size reduction and cleaning, toning, resurfacing, exfoliation and general spot and blackhead remedy.
✔️ 0.5 mm NEEDLES – OPTIMAL FOR BEARD GROWTH STIMULATION: This is as much a beard grooming tool as it is a beauty device. If you’re looking to stimulate hair growth on your face and also don’t want to have to throw a whole roller in the bin every time yours is due a change, then this is the perfect product for you. Btw, there’s no scientific evidence that serum & combs help, so save yourself some money and just buy a roller!
✔️ GENDER-NEUTRAL – MINIMALIST DESIGN, FOR EVERYONE: Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be proud to go into your bathroom drawer / cupboard and pull out most of the other derma rollers on the market. They look naff and frequently come with weird pink parts or are emblazoned with overly-macho names. That’s why we went back to basics and designed a clean, minimalist, gender-neutral product that you’ll be able to be proud to reach for as part of your daily skincare / beard growth regime.
✔️ FULL REFUND IF YOU AREN’T 100% SATISFIED: If you’re unhappy for any reason, just send the item back. No fuss or hassle!

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