Davis Finest Organic Indigo Powder Hair Dye 100g

Davis Finest Organic Indigo Powder Hair Dye 100g

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PLANT BASED HAIR DYE: 100% pure natural indigo leaf powder organically grown and processed in Rajasthan, India is a plant-based vegan hair dye from Indigofera tinctoria and is also known as black henna because it gives a black hair dye colour in combination with henna powder
CHEMICAL FREE: PPD-free hair dye, no ammonia, no peroxide, no metallic salts or pesticides. A suitable alternative to those allergic to synthetic hair dyes with harsh chemicals
BLACK HENNA: although known as black henna without chemicals, indigo does not give an instant black hair colour unlike some herbal henna powders which do contain PPD to get an instantaneous result. Indigo gives a natural blue dye and henna gives a natural orange dye, when the indigo blue colour goes over the orange colour of henna, the combination makes a black hair dye. Frequent use of indigo powder only on existing black hair colour will give a striking blue black hair colour
NATURAL DYE FOR HAIR: Always use henna and indigo mix combination in a one-step process to get light, medium or dark brown hair colouring and in a two-step process to give black or jet black hair colour. Never use indigo on its own on gray/white hair or you will end up with unpredictable results such as blue or green hair colour. Only use solely if your intention is to have blue-green hair colour
SUITABLE TO ALL HAIR TYPES: a naturally organic Indian hair dye free from parabens and preservatives and suitable to all hair types, Asian European African Caribbean (including dreadlocks) – detailed instructions inside pack. Indigo hair powder will enhance the colour of existing black hair only for a true blue black colour with frequent use

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